Wall Décor Above Pianos – Fun Ideas for Piano Art

Fun Ideas for Wall Décor Above Pianos

The day is finally here, and your new piano has arrived! You carefully decide where it should go, get it settled in your home, and you’re ready to start playing. But, as you step back to admire your new instrument, you realize something–the wall above the piano is completely bare.

In this article, we will list some fun ideas pertaining to wall decor above pianos. Hopefully, one or two of these ideas will spark some creativity, and help you put the finishing touches on your piano room!

Choosing Your Placement

The first thing you need to consider is the style of the piano. Is it an upright, a grand piano, or maybe even a portable digital piano? Uprights and portable pianos are usually placed against the wall to save space in the room, making the wall above the piano perfectly suited for artwork of some kind. 

A grand piano takes up more space and may dominate the room, but the closest wall will still look nice with the addition of some artwork. You may want to go with a more minimalist approach that doesn’t draw attention away from the grand piano.

Balancing the Styles

Secondly, consider the appearance of the piano. Is it a sleek modern finish or more of an antique style? Does it have a smooth finish, or are there ornate carvings in the wood? The décor you choose should either match the piano or offset it. For example, if you have an antique style upright, choose a modern vibe for the surrounding décor to accentuate the beauty of the piano.

Picking a Color Scheme

Plan a color scheme for your choices of artwork and décor that will either match or balance the color of the piano. You can choose bright, vibrant colors, a classy black and white look, or a combination of complementary colors. If you need help, use the color wheel to find colors that balance each other well.

Choose the Lighting

Choosing the lighting is important. You need to be able to see the keys and read the sheet music, after all! There are several options in lighting choices, from an overhead hanging light, simple wall sconces, or lamps that sit on top of the piano itself. You can even mix and match your lighting for effect and aesthetic. 

Best Ideas for Wall Decor Above Pianos

Discover the Best Ideas for Wall Decor Above Pianos


Choosing one large piece of artwork to hang on the wall will fill the space without cluttering up the area. Choose colors that balance with the room and complement the hue and finish of the wood on the piano. Or choose a painting with no frame, so it doesn’t draw attention away from the piano. 

You could also choose a combination of smaller pieces to break up the space. Use several different sized frames, either in the same style, or mix it up with different colors and textures. Hang the frames in a straight line or stagger their layout to create interest. You can also choose a split paneled piece. If you need to go cheap, buy a poster frame and hang your favorite poster on the wall.

Channel Your Inner Picasso

If you are artistically inclined, grab a canvas and your favorite medium and create a unique piece yourself. Even if you’re not a painter by trade, you can find lots of how-to videos on YouTube that will walk you through the process of creating something amazing. Check out this one for a DIY tutorial on creating abstract pour art.

There are lots of easy-to-copy techniques that even a beginner can try. Plus, how fun is it to break out the paints and get a little messy? There are also other ideas you can use to create a unique piece of art that don’t require paint at all.

Get Thrifty!

Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to source unique and affordable artwork, which you may need to do if you’ve just blown your spending budget on a new piano! Try to find something interesting and unique. Use a vintage frame or buy a new one for your found treasure.

Music As Art

Since we are talking pianos here, why not create a musical theme? You could hang a picture of your favorite pianist for inspiration. How about blowing up pictures of your favorite pieces of sheet music? Or maybe artwork that is just musically inspired, like instruments or music notes. 

Get creative and come up with something that inspires you to keep practicing.

Frame Your Family

Instead of artwork, you can always hang framed portraits or family pictures on the wall. You could get a large family portrait or hang a bunch of small candid shots. There are also multi-frames that incorporate your pictures into a large, embellished frame.

Go All Natural

Pictures of leaves, flowers, or trees will bring a natural feel to your space. You can use real foraged materials and frame them yourself to create an eye-catching arrangement. Go with a green theme or add a splash of color with pressed flowers.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Hanging a Mirror Above Your Piano

Hanging mirrors on a blank wall is a great way to add light to a space and make a room look bigger. Go with a large mirror or a bunch of small mirrors in a variety of frame styles. Choose a simple frame in a color that complements the piano, or go fancy and choose a gilded frame with an ornate design.

Hang a Tapestry

Another option is to hang a tapestry on the wall above your piano. You can check your local home décor store or look online for lots of interesting options. The possibilities are endless. You could even hang two or three vertical tapestries in the space.

Create a Theme

Choose artwork inspired by a particular culture or decorate based on your favorite travel or vacation spot. Or maybe highlight your favorite pet or animal. 

Use Your Words

Instead of artwork or pictures on the wall, you could choose to hang some word decals to spread an inspirational message. You can buy them already done or use an online shop to create your own. Or you can check out websites like DIY & Crafts for instructions on how to make your own!

Decorating the Top of Your Piano

Now that you’ve decided what to hang on the wall above your piano, what about on top of the piano itself? You could leave it bare, and let the focus be on the wall space. But some people choose to decorate the top of the piano as well. Maybe that empty space is just calling to you to fill it up. Here are some ideas.

Cover It Up

A cloth cover is important if you decide to decorate the top of your piano. You don’t want anything to scratch the surface or damage the finish. There are a lot of options, and pretty much anything will work. Use the style you chose for the rest of the room to guide you in the right direction. Play around with fabric choices and colors.

Build Your Library

Books are a great way to fill the space on top of your piano. Go with a vertical setup, choose varying heights to create depth, and use bookends to add some character. Add a little extra-musical meaning by choosing books that are musically themed. Don’t stack anything too heavy or awkward that might fall and damage your piano. 

Classical Elements

Fill the top of your piano with framed photos of your family and friends. How about a sculpture or a bust of a favorite composer? 

A pair of candlesticks look classic on top of a piano. Or go with a bunch of smaller candles of varying heights.

A vase of flowers or a small potted plant will bring some natural beauty to a space. If you want to play it extra safe, go with artificial plants and flowers. 

Go thrifting and find something old and unique. Antique items can accentuate an older-style piano very well.

Get Crafty!

You can always get crafty and create something unique. A quick internet search will give you a plethora of ideas to take a simple décor item and make it your own. Stick with the music theme and use old sheet music to make a decoupage design on a vase or candles. Pinterest is full of ideas for crafting, like this one listing over fifty music-inspired crafting projects.

Putting It All Together

There are so many ways to fill the space above and around your piano. Go online and read up on interior design techniques to learn how to balance the colors and textures in your space. Come up with a pattern, theme, or color scheme that suits you and your room, and just go for it. 

The great thing about interior design is that nothing is permanent! If you decide you don’t like something or just want to change it up, nothing is stopping you. You can even change your décor based on the season and create a theme that matches the current holiday! 


The most important thing to remember when decorating is to find something you love. Our homes should bring us joy, peace, and comfort, and the way we decorate them is an extension of ourselves. Your piano will surely bring you lots of happiness, so make sure to choose the wall décor above your piano wisely.

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Most frames have a hanging cord or bracket on the back. This allows you to hang the item on a wall. Use nails or anchored hooks for heavy items. You can purchase a kit with everything you need to hang a framed item on a wall.

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Measure where the top corners of the frame should be on the wall and make a very light mark with a pencil. Use a level to make sure they’re even. If the picture has a hanging wire on the back, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the center point of the wire when it’s stretched out, and then measure and place a corresponding mark on the wall.

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