Hobart M Cable Piano Value – Assessing a Cable Piano’s Worth

Discover the Hobart M Cable Piano Value So You Can See What Your Piano Is Worth Before You Sell or Buy It.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a Cable piano, then you’ve probably wondered where the Hobart M Cable piano value marketplace stood in terms of the estimated worth for these old school instruments.  If that’s true, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to examine this topic in depth to better help you identify the worth of Cable pianos.

Hobart M Cable Piano Value Assessment

Most pianos depreciate with age, but because Hobart M Cable pianos are a defunct brand, some have actually increased in value.  With that said, you have to know which piano to look for though, because this is not true of every Cable piano.

The original Hobart M. Cable Piano Company began life in 1875 and was bought out in the 1960’s.  In fact, if you find a Cable piano made in the 1960s or afterward, you’re very likely to see something akin to “A Product of Story & Clark” located somewhere on the piano.

Now, if you can find a Hobart M. Cable piano that was either produced in the late 1800s to early 1900s, or you’ve located an old school Cable piano that has gone through notable restoration, then there’s a good chance they will be worth substantially more than those produced much later in Cable’s company timeline.  Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Cable Piano Value (with Examples)

Let’s begin by discussing a Cable Victorian Upright.

1) Hobart M. Cable Victorian Upright Piano

Over at the Antique Piano Shop, they are offering a very old Victorian upright piano made in 1906 by the Cable company.  It is described as a “Model C” upright grand (which was essentially the cream of the crop when it came to Cable’s upright lineup).  And the price certainly reflects the piano’s great build and sound quality, as its for sale price comes in at a whopping $22,000. If that makes your head spin in amazement, it’s worth noting that this beautiful piano is also currently going through a restoration process, which will no doubt increase its value. 

Now if you’re interested in seeing a vintage Hobart M Cable piano in action, check out the video below, where you will see a rebuilt Cable piano from 1917 in action (and sounding wonderful):

2) Cable Victorian Upright Piano

Here’s another example from Antique Piano Shop.  This beauty is made from Mahogany wood.  The craftsmanship in regards to the carving process is undeniable.  It is said to be from the year 1892, and actually sold for $18,000. And again, it should be noted here that this was the final price after a total restoration of the piano had been completed.  In this case, the piano was essentially restored to brand new condition.

3) Cable Coin Operated Nickelodeon Player Piano

And, if you’re looking for something different, here’s a Cable coin-operated Nickelodeon Player Piano from 1916 that sold for for $30,000.  It’s definitely a beauty, as it came with stained glass that depicted white flower blossoms.  Honestly, if money was no object, this is just one of those amazing looking pianos that would be great to simply look at, let alone play.  The asking price is definitely steep here, but again, this piano was also restored. 

Tips for Buying Old Cable Pianos

If you can find an original Cable built in the ’40s, ’50s, or ’60s, there’s a good chance they will be less expensive.  But if it’s your dream to have an antique piano in your living room, then by all means, look for an antique! However, be aware that these original Cable pianos are at least 50+ years old, with the very oldest being over 120 years! A piano that old will not be in playing condition unless it has been extensively restored.  

And as you can see from the examples presented above, restored pianos will cost you big money.

Pianos are made to last generations, but they are made of many, many moving parts and all of those parts need regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top playing condition. If it is an original Cable piano that you are looking for, then definitely check out its age and condition. For a very old piano to be in good playing condition, it should have been regularly maintained or, for one older than 75 years, restored and with many parts replaced.

Your best bet is finding an original Cable piano in a music store like the ones shown above. They will have professional technicians on staff that can give the piano the restoration that it needs to function properly.

With that being said, the price tag on an original Cable piano has nothing to really hold up against. They are antiques and the price will vary greatly. Most places that sell antiques will let you make an offer, so go for it if that’s what you want, but the final price is going to be subjective to whatever value the store has placed on it. 

If you’d like to learn more helpful tips on buying old or used pianos in general, be sure to check out the video below:

How Much is a Story & Clark Cable Piano?

As stated above, the Hobart M. Cable Piano Company was founded in 1875 and it stuck around for long while, even after Hobart’s death in 1910.

In the mid 1960’s however, the company was bought out by another very popular piano retailer: Story & Clark. Pianos manufactured after this time went by ‘Hobart M. Cable – A Product of Story & Clark.”

They are still a reputable brand, but, luckily for you, not nearly as pricy as an antique Cable piano.  Let’s take a look at an example.

1) 1972 Hobart M. Cable Console Piano

Over at Piano 4 U, they sold a 1972 that had an original asking price of about $1,300.

Be aware that Story & Clark produced Cable pianos from the mid 1960’s until 2001, so even the newest of this line will be over 20 years old. You can generally probably find one under $2,000, but again, your best bet is to find a Cable piano being sold by a reputable music store.

The store will be able to give you the piano’s age and condition and you can be sure that they have restored it to tip-top playing condition (if need be). Music stores don’t often haggle, but a perk of buying your used Cable in a piano store is that they often have sales promotions going on.

If you find a Story & Clark Cable piano that catches your eye somewhere else, such as an auction or in your neighborhood, those people are usually much more receptive to accepting offers. Before you do, be sure you ask the following questions:

1) Was this piano maintained regularly? If not, there could be damage that you don’t want to have to repair.

2) Who played it? If it was a professional musician, you can be pretty certain it was taken care of. If it was a child and the parents don’t play themselves, you can be much less certain.

3) Has the piano been moved around a home multiple times or, even worse, moved from various locations or from one state to another state? Moving can be tough on a piano and, often times, this is when a piano can be most susceptible to damage.

4) Lastly, how old is the piano? 

Once you have in-depth answers to these questions, your best bet is to look up a piano technician or tuner and see if you can offer a small fee for some of their insight. It could be worth it to save you from either overpaying or spending thousands of dollars for a piano you have to replace in a year or two.

If you’re interested in seeing a more modern Cable piano in action, and one that has no doubt been refurbished as well, feel free to check out the video below:

How Much is an American Sejung Cable Piano?

Somewhere between the very end of the 20th century to the dawn of the 21st century, the Cable Piano brand was acquired by the Sejung Piano Corp and manufacturing was moved to China.  So, if you see a newer-looking instrument with the Cable name, chances are it is from this time period.

These Chinese-made Cable pianos are still quality instruments and could be a good fit for your budget. They will be newer too, more likely to have their original parts, and still have many, many years left to give you. 


When examining the Hobart M Cable piano value on the marketplace, it can at first seem tricky because of the brand has changed hands so many times, which can of course affect the quality of the instruments that are manufactured. 

And while we know that a piano’s quality and condition can certainly affect its value, your best bet to find the most valuable Cable pianos is to focus on ones made during the company’s first several decades of existence.  Just know that you’ll be paying a pretty penny for these instruments, especially if they’ve been restored.

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