Assessing Kohler & Campbell Piano Value

Discover the Kohler & Campbell Piano Value

Are you familiar with the reputation of Kohler & Campbell pianos? Well, if you’re considering purchasing one (or perhaps you have a used one to sell), then this article is here to guide you. Today I will delve into the various aspects of Kohler & Campbell piano value, exploring factors that influence their pricing and highlighting instances of current market values. So let’s get started!

Kohler & Campbell Piano Value

What is a Kohler and Campbell Piano Worth?

Determining the true Kohler & Campbell Piano value has its challenges such as any piano brand, so let’s start by breaking it down and understanding the valuation spectrum of Kohler & Campbell pianos.

Known for their enduring quality and quality tone, Kohler & Campbell pianos command a premium due to their commitment to excellence over the years. They are often compared to Baldwin pianos, another great company, and can range between $500 to $15,000 depending on their body and year.

Their valuation hinges on multiple other factors, including (but never limited to) a piano’s age, condition, body type (upright, spinet, baby grand, or grand), repair history, restoration needs, color and wood finish, and the seller themselves.

What is a Kohler & Campbell Piano Worth?

In order to better understand the value of Kohler & Campbell pianos, I wanted to begin by checking out a few of these pianos selling on the open marketplace and examining whether the “for sale” price is adequately valued.

1) Listed on Frank & Camille’s website, here is a lovely polished black upright that’s on sale. This is a used Kohler & Campbell piano going for less than $5,000, which can be difficult to find in these well taken care of conditions! Its elegant black glossy finish adds to its charm, with black being a timeless piano classic color. 

This piano has actually been marked down from $3,395 to $2,995, and this listing offers an exclusive warranty on top of the reduced price. I’d say this is a great deal, especially for an intermediate student who wants a better sound than a beginner piano, but needs to accommodate for space and doesn’t want to break the bank. This one is worth keeping an eye on for sure!

Below, check out a video of a different upright Kohler & Campbell being played:

2) Now let’s hop on over to this “designer baby grand” listed by Frank & Camille’s. This lovely baby grand is also on sale, and is described as a “designer piano”. Its beautiful red mahogany finish matched with its sale price of $7,996 makes this piano a perfect combination of being affordable, charming, AND space efficient. 

Additionally, this piano also comes with an exclusive warranty and appears to have old “bones” yet appearing restored.  This creates a harmony of the older piano style with the newer in-built materials.  I may snatch something like this up one day when I upgrade to a new piano.  I think this one is a great deal for a baby grand of this brand!

3) So this next piano is titled an “upright” but actually appears to have a spinet build. It is labeled as a designer and is also used, but is being sold more than the first upright mentioned in this article—even though it is not as large. 

This to me signals more than the upright is a bit overpriced at its $4,895 price tag, and that could possibly be due to its mahogany finish. However, you may want to shop around a bit more or wait for this one to go one sale, as the price tag seems a bit high for a spinet of this brand.  Plus, the seller does not provide the year of the piano’s manufacture here, which could determine how much you might be willing to pay. 

Just things to keep in mind! Okay, now onto the next piano.

4) So this next piano is a spinet on sale at Classic Pianos, which I’ve had the pleasure of going into myself, and let me say: amazing staff and pianos! Their showroom is stunning and this piano stood out to me because of its affordability. 

It has a lovely simple light brown cherry finish, and is a used spinet from the year 1995. This piano is currently selling for $2,695 and is a great choice for a beginner to intermediate pianist, as it may not be top of the line, but the price, brand, and size are its prime selling points.  

When you buy this piano, you get a matching bench (which is pretty standard), a 5-year parts and labor warranty, one in-home tuning, and a lifetime trade-up option, which is NOT common, making this a great piano to buy if seeking a basic Kohler & Campbell, and a great distributor to choose both in the short and long-run!

Below, check out a video of a different Kohler & Campbell spinet piano being played:

5) And finally,  we have another sleek upright Kohler & Campbell for sale on the A1 Piano website.  It is advertised as $3,000 and includes an ebony high polish gloss, possibly upping the price a bit. I compare this price to the first upright listed in this article, making me think this price is a bit high due to the fact that you can find it for less elsewhere. 

This piano does not have much additional information about it, unfortunately, which makes me wonder if there are any flaws they are not listing, as you have to request additional information to find out. 

I’ve personally never liked this approach. Piano listings that withhold information are usually not my go to points of purchase. It is better to fully understand your purchase on your own time, rather than calling in and asking for more information, then being pressured to buy because calling creates a sense of urgency. This is just something to keep in mind as well!

The Value of Kohler & Campbell Grand Pianos

Kohler & Campbell grand pianos are notorious for their mix of class and affordability, mixing the best of both worlds for beginner and experienced pianists alike! Here are some other factors that can help you understand their values, some may even shock you!

Brand Reputation Matters

Kohler & Campbell’s brand recognition significantly influences piano value. Even restored vintage models continue to command impressive prices, underscoring the brand’s enduring reputation.

A 40-year-old Kohler & Campbell piano maintains higher value compared to other lesser-known brands, primarily due to the brand’s prestige, considering they were once America’s biggest piano company.


Restoration efforts enhance the piano’s worth, especially for older pianos, costing approximately $5,000 to $10,000 for Kohler & Campbell pianos aged over 20 years, this marks them as “vintage” if they are over 20 years old. Timely restoration can expedite sales, as Kohler & Campbell pianos find eager buyers, particularly in restored and tuned condition.

An Important Note on Depreciation

Contrary to some collectibles, pianos, including Kohler & Campbell, tend to depreciate over time rather than appreciate. This dynamic is essential to grasp when both buying and selling pre-owned Kohler & Campbell pianos.

While the brand retains its value better than lesser-known counterparts, the piano’s condition remains pivotal. For instance, having an old dusty grand piano in your basement is not worth money just because it is over 100 years old, that alone makes it a good decoration, but people buy pianos for use, not (typically) eye candy. 

In order to understand this a bit more, you can head over to Coltharp Piano World where they will break it down for you even further, with them comparing pianos to car’s values over time. It will definitely give you some perspective!

Wrapping It All Up

As you navigate the intricate world of Kohler & Campbell piano value, remember that age, condition, sound quality, color, material, and brand significantly influence their worth. The intricate interplay of these factors contributes to the piano’s market value.

While resources like eBay and can offer a glimpse into market trends, professional appraisals remain a reliable method for accurate valuation, however, they are not always needed, and places like PianoMart can help you sell and get eyes on your listing, I’ve used it myself!

When seeking appraisals, opt for reputable sources to ensure a fair assessment, and have fun exploring your options, it’s half of the fun!

This article was written by Morgan and edited by Michael.

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