51 Wine Instagram Captions – Funny, Classy and Flirty

Discover over fifty awesome wine Instagram captions

The piano is an elegant instrument, so why wouldn’t you have a glass a wine to go with it?  And, because we all use social media, I figured this would be the absolute perfect opportunity to provide you with my absolute favorite wine Instagram captions.

Hopefully, you can find one or two on this use to use the next time you’re ready to boldly show off your gorgeous glass of wine to your friends on IG.

Funny Wine Instagram Captions

1) Wine not?

2) 1..2…3…POUR! #Winetime

3) I would pour one out for the homies, but this is my favorite Moscato.

4) A glass of wine is my piano playing superpower.

5) My blood is 98% Sangria.

6) The only thing I have on my grocery list is a couple of wine bottles.

7) Wine now, cry later.

8) My favorite colors are Red, White, and Sparkling.

9) I’m on an all-red diet—red wine, that is.

10) Screw a mug collection—go for a cork collection.

11) Netflix and Chilled Wine.

12) Slay all day—or maybe just after a couple of glasses.

13) Let’s go hiking! And by hiking, I mean walking around a vineyard sipping everything.

14) I’m not bad at playing the piano—I’ve just had one too many glasses of Pinot.

15) All I love is my mama, my dog, and my wine.

16) This Mac and Cheese pairs so well with my sweet red wine.

17) There’s a right and wrong way to do things—and all of those wrong times involve choosing beer over wine.

18) My nightmare: My cat breaks all of my wine glasses.

19) Winter is coming; time to wrap up in a blanket and sip my Pinot. 

20) Sometimes, a glass of wine is the best gift for a piano teacher.

Wine sitting next to piano

Classy Wine Instagram Captions

21) My perfect night consists of an incredible sunset and a full glass. 

22) Always classy when I’m holding my Moscato.

23) A whole bunch of class, a little sass, and a full glass.

24) My collection of wine bottles has become my most remarkable achievement.

25) The wine you choose tells a lot about you. Comment on your favorite wine, and I’ll let you know!

26) I like to think of myself as a wine therapist—you tell me your problems, and I’ll drink wine.

27) Want to go on a picnic? You bring the cheese. I’ll bring the wine.

28) Sipping champagne and toasting glasses ‘till the sun comes up.

29) Wine glass in one hand, confidence in the other.

30) I love a low-key night in my bathtub with my wine bottle. 

31) After a long day, the only thing I want for dessert is Sangria.

32) After a long day at the office, I only look forward to my dog and my best wine.

33) Cheers to the best night of our lives! Nothing can top sharing this moment with my favorite person. 

  • Sidebar: You should always feel a little classy when you have a glass of your wine. But the feeling seems more heightened when you click your glass with another person you love.

Flirty Wine Instagram Captions

34) Kisses, hugs, and sharing a glass of wine make the perfect date.

35) Sorry—I couldn’t hear you over the beer you chose over the wine.

36) Beer Is for Boys; Wine is for the Women.

37) The only wall decor above my piano that I want is an oil painting of a winery.

38) Roses are red; violets are blue; I won’t be there if you don’t serve wine.

39) Something in the way she moved reminded me to stock up my wine cellar.

40) He called me his angel; I called him my Cabernet.

41) Sharing a bottle of wine is more intimate than a flirty wink.

42) If you’re reading this, bring me wine.

43) There are two ways to a girl’s heart, wine and more wine.

44) My heart is yours.

45) You + Me = The perfect pour.

46) You’re the reason I can’t stop smiling.

47) I feel like dancing the night away—with my glass in hand.

48) There’s nothing better than hearing you play Adele’s “I Drink Wine” on the piano.

49) My wedding will have a wine bar.

50) Wanna jump into a pool of wine? No? Oh, just asking for a friend then.

51) My favorite song is Red Red Wine by UB40.

  • Sidebar: UB40 recorded a cover version of Red Red Wine back in 1983!


With Instagram being the number one social media platform, you’re going to want to really step yo your IG caption writing game. If the wine photos you take are top-level, all you need are a few great wine Instagram captions to pair them together.  Just don’t forget to have a nice piano somewhere in the background—it really classes up the photo!

Remember: Please always drink responsibly and have a designated driver!

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