What Are the Best Digital Piano Accessories?

Roland RPU-3

Whether you have had your digital piano for a while and are looking to enhance your experience or you have just made a new purchase and want to have all of the bells and whistles, there are several things that you should consider before searching for new digital piano accessories. By purchasing accessories that will compliment your playing style and environment, you will open up a whole new experience that will lead you to maintain a correct posture and expose you to tonal variances. Before you make any final decisions on your purchases, here are some things to consider:

  • What is your price range?
  • How dedicated are you to learning how to play digital piano?
  • What type of environment are you playing in? Are you playing in a public setting, at home alone, or at home by yourself?
  • How many keys does your digital piano have?
  • What type of setting do you plan on performing for?
  • Does your digital piano come with weighted keys?

Your response to each of these questions will help to dictate which accessories will be the best for you to play with.

Digital Piano Accessory Guide

Below, please take a look at almost a dozen of important accessories that make playing the digital piano an easier, more comfortable, and overall more enjoyable experience.  You’ll see everything in this table from “X” and folding stands to padded benches, headphones, and pedals.

$ = $99 or less | $$ = $100 – $200

Yamaha PKBB1Yamaha PKBB1Bench$
World Tour Double X Keyboard StandWorld Tour Double X StandX Stand$
Sennheiser HD 280 ProSennheiser HD280 PROHeadphones$$
Roland RPU-3Roland RPU-3Foot Pedal$$
Shure SRH840Shure SRH840Headphones$$
Sennheiser HD 599Headphones$$
Palatino BP-120Palatino BP-120Bench$$
Yamaha YKA7500Yamaha YKA7500X Stand$
On Stage KS7350On-Stage KS7350Folding Stand$
M-Audio SP-2M Audio SP 2Sustain Pedal$

Digital Piano Accessories Under $100

Accessories that are under $100 are often best to be purchased by beginners. By purchasing the lower priced accessories, a beginner will be able to experiment with the different qualities that each item brings.  Let’s begin by examining a handful of worthwhile products that will benefit your piano playing experiencing.  We’ll begin with a padded keyboard bench by Yamaha.

  • Yamaha PKBB1 Bench
Yamaha PKBB1
Yamaha PKBB1 bench

The Yamaha PKBB1 is a great option for new piano players. It’s inexpensive and offers three different height options that will provide you with assurance in case you are not sure of what height is most ideal.

At a reasonable $29, this two legged bench will use less space than its four legged competitors. Comprised of steel support, the Yamaha PKBB1 will support your weight and not make you feel like you’re unstable. The thick padding will allow you to play for hours and not leave your shoulders or back feeling stressed; when you are done playing, you can fold this bench up for easy storage.

  • World Tour Double X Keyboard Stand

In case you are unsure about what type or size digital piano stand to purchase for your keyboard, the World Tour Double X Keyboard Stand has everything that you need in order to have a sturdy digital piano stand. For $35, this stand offers a 250-pound maximum weight capacity and offers two different seated height positions. This stand does offer the option for you to fold it up and provides convenient storage once you are finished playing. Not only does the X style of the stand provide maximal support for your stand, but the center of the X has a locking system that will prevent any movement from the stand.

Before we move forward, we thought it would be a good idea to present you with some of the best selling digital pianos available online, in case you’re also in the market for a new keyboard:

1) Yamaha P-515
2) Casio PX-S3100
3) Casio PX-870
4) Roland FP-E50
5) Roland FP-30X

  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones
Sennheiser HD 280
Sennheiser HD 280 headphones

Are you in need of a pair of headphones that are going to block outside sound? With its ergonomic design, the Sennheiser HD 280’s are the perfect pair of headphones to use if you need silence when you’re practicing.

These headphones have the ability to block out 32 decibels of outside sound, all due to the closed-ear design of the headphones. Compared to its competitors, this $99 pair of headphones provides comfort, even when worn for long periods of time, due to the padding on the headband, ear padding, and ear cups that will encase your entire ear. The Sennheiser HD 598’s are also excellent for comfort, as well, which we’ll get to a little later.

If you ever notice the quality of your headphones diminishing, all parts of this headphone are replaceable. There is no sound leakage that is emitted from these headphones, either–you can play as loud as you want with other people in the room and no one will hear you.

Digital Piano Accessories Under $200

These accessories that are higher priced are great purchases to be made by advanced players, who understand the advantages of purchasing high quality accessories.

When it comes time for shopping for higher quality items, there are several things that you should ask yourself before making a final purchase:

-Where do you plan on spending most of your time practicing? If you have noisy neighbors and want silence, you should consider purchasing a higher-quality pair of headphones that will block out sound. If you live by yourself and want to use headphones, you should consider purchasing a pair of headphones that do not focus on blocking out sound, but rather being comfortable and the quality of sound that is produced.

-Do you want the acoustic feel of a grand piano? Or would you rather enjoy the feel of your digital piano? Through preferences like this, you can decide whether you want a pedal that offers all three acoustic options or just a sustain option.

-What is your budget for your accessories? Figure out your maximum budget so you can decide on pricing for each accessory.

-What areas do you want to focus on when looking for accessories? If you believe that you really want to focus on posture and comfort, you should focus on accessories that will provide you with the support for proper posture and ample comfort.

If you are an experienced player, what do you dislike and like in certain accessories? Have you tried a certain brand of pedal and found that you didn’t like it because it shifted around too much? Figuring out what you want to avoid first can help make your search faster.

  • Roland RPU-3 Digital Piano Pedal
Roland RPU-3
The Roland RPU-3

This pedal has everything that you need combined into one easy to use and maintain pedal. Priced at $129, this pedal has the same alignment as a grand piano. Once you set up this pedal, this device is completely hands-free. While in use, this pedal does not slide around on the floor.  The Roland RPU03 provides the option for each pedal to be assigned other functions rather than sustain, such as an accompaniment switch, vibrato or volume.

  • Shure SRH840

If you plan on traveling a lot with your headphones or simply want to keep everything put away after you’re done practicing, the Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones are collapsible in order to provide you with easy storage and transportation.

Designed to supply the pianist with complete comfort while playing, these headphones are padded in all the right places, adjustable and even come with a moisture-wicking headband in order to keep you comfortable while playing for long periods of time.

The best feature of these headphones is their memory-foam ear pad design; these headphones will shape themselves around your ears in order to provide you with ultimate comfort.

  • Sennheiser HD 599 
Sennheiser HD 599

With a unique Ivory color, these headphones are universally compatible with not only every type of digital piano, but is also universally compatible with all phones, tablets and computers. With an over ear and open back design, Sennheiser’s main focus when manufacturing these $150 headphones was top-dollar sound quality. With incredible attention paid to the acoustic engineering of these headphones, the Sennheiser HD 599 headphones provide users with precise and detailed sound.

Examining Piano Benches

A bench is a crucial part to enjoying the entire experience of playing piano. If you happen to purchase the wrong type of bench for your purposes, you will find that your posture will suffer. Through poor posture, wrist, back, and shoulder pain can take away from the pleasure of playing piano; the bench height is very important to ensuring proper posture.

How do you choose the right digital piano bench?

The first component that will play into your decision is the brand of piano you have. If you have a Yamaha, you should consider purchasing a bench that Yamaha manufactures. This will go to ensure that the size of the digital keyboard will be similar to the length, width, and height of the bench.

If you plan on playing the digital piano for short periods of time, a bench that is comprised of wood is a lightweight option. However, if you plan on playing your keyboard for long periods of time, a bench that has a padded cover will be the most comfortable option and will also aid in benefiting your posture.

Here is one bench that we find noteworthy:

  • Palatino BP-120

Priced at $188, the Palatino BP-120 offers four legs to provide stability to the user. This bench offers an imitation leather seat that is set on a wood frame, proving to be comfortable and lightweight.

The seat of this bench lifts up, which will supply you with the option of storing your sheet music in a hidden compartment. If you find yourself unsure of what height to purchase your bench at, this bench will offer you versatility, as the height is adjustable. With a classy black finish, this bench is an inexpensive and quality accessory that you could add to your inventory.

Breaking Down the Stands

It would be very difficult to play digital piano fluently without a stand. You should pick out your stand to fit your keyboard. Make sure that the stand is going to be able to hold the piano; you can check the measurements of your piano on the site that you purchase it on.

The best piano stand models are sturdy enough so that if you knock into them or happen to play aggressively, the stand will not shift around.  Make sure that your stand is not too big, too small, too short, or too tall for your purposes.

  • Yamaha YKA7500 Stand
Yamaha YKA7500
Yamaha YKA7500 X stand

Whether you plan on performing for crowds of thousands or just for yourself, the Yamaha YKA7500 has everything to offer to you; six different height options that will provide you a comfortable playing position when you are sitting or standing.

The X Style of the stand offers stability, but the oversized rounded feet of the stand will ensure that you keyboard will not shift around or slide while you are playing. No matter what style or size Yamaha keyboard you have, this stand was built to hold and support your instrument (this can be found for approximately $63.00).

  • On Stage KS7350 Stand

Do you want to keep your digital piano on display as a token of pride? Or do you plan on moving around on stage and want easy access to your instrument? The Z Style of this keyboard stand is easy to breakdown for storage. The $89 stand also allows you to set up your piano on either side of the stand for easy access to the instrument.

Want to purchase the ideal piano that the market has to offer? Well, not only does this keyboard stand have a 500-pound maximum weight capacity, but also several different height and width adjustment possibilities for both standing and sitting.

Breaking Down High Quality Pedals

A digital piano pedal is not always the easiest accessory to shop for. The feel of the pedal is something that you will either love or have to take some time getting adjusted to.

After a long period of time, your piano pedal may become worn down, so it’s important to purchase a quality pedal from the outset.  Here are a few that we think are worth considering:

  • M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal
M-Audio SP-2
M-Audio SP-2 pedal

The M-Audio SP-2 is the perfect sustain pedal for users that are new to playing piano. For $19, this sustain pedal provides the same amount of resistance and the half-pedal capabilities as a grand piano’s sustain. With a rubber grip encasing the bottom part of the pedal, your sustain pedal is certain to not move around while you are playing.

  • Yamaha LP7A Foot Pedal

Are you looking for a pedal that is going to offer you the same experience as if you were playing the piano? The Yamaha LP7A has the same three pedal effects that a real grand piano has; a sostenuto pedal, a damper pedal, and a soften pedal.

Compared to cheaper options, the $75 Yamaha LP7A even has the option of half-way effects, in order for you to have more control over your sustained sound, as well as to provide more cultivated musical expression to your performances.

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