What Are the Best Beginner Piano Lessons?

In this article, we’re going to talk about what beginner piano lessons are ideal for those that are just starting out on a digital or acoustic piano.  We’ll not only dive into piano software that is worthy of your consideration, but detail specifically what lessons are best for children and which ones are more apt for adult beginners.  And if you haven’t purchased your piano yet, we’ll also get into what instrument and model you should buy if you’re brand new to the world of piano.

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Ideal Piano for Beginner Piano Lessons?

The number of keys that a piano contains can vary significantly from model to model. A piano can have 61 keys, 71 keys, 76 keys or 88 keys. Before you decide which piano you want, you need to figure out how serious you are in playing.

Learn and Master Piano Software

Pianos can be very expensive and the ones with a higher key count cost more, too. Therefore, if you are just beginning and are not sure whether you will use your piano on a regular basis, you may be better served to go with a piano with 61 or 71 keys. This way, buying the instrument won’t have a significant impact on your wallet, and if need be, you can have some funds left over to buy online lessons or additional piano accessories.

And once you put in the practice time on the piano, you can then judge how passionate you are about the instrument and upgrade accordingly.

What’s the Best Model for a Beginner?

The piano model you purchase can have a significant impact in determining whether you continue with lessons or not. The good news is that nowadays, most pianos contain excellent features that can provide a substantial benefit to a beginner, such as lighting up keys or including basic songs that you can practice.


Below, please take a look at a few digital pianos that are not only great for beginners, but are some of the top pianos currently available on the market:

Yamaha P-515
Casio PX-870
Yamaha YDP-165
Roland RP-102
Casio PX 560Casio PX-560

All of these pianos are relatively cheap and can certainly help develop or improve your skills.

With that said, these are pianos I would recommend for someone who is just interested in getting their feet wet and doesn’t really know if they want to commit to a piano long term.  If you know you are indeed a beginner, but also recognize that you will stick with the piano for the long term (and are older than the demographic that might be more tailored to benefit from the aforementioned Casio’s), I strongly recommend you read our very helpful article:

1) What’s the Best Digital Piano Under $1000?

On the other hand, if you want a keyboard with a bundle pack and you know you want a very inexpensive piano for a beginner (a young beginner, mind you), you can opt for the affordable Casio CTK-4400 Premium Keyboard Package, which not only includes the keyboard, it also contains eMedia instructional software, headphones, a stand and a 6 feet USB cable, thus basically providing you with all the ingredients you need to music quickly and successfully.

What Are the Best Piano Lessons for Beginners?

Gone are the days when you required an instructor to teach piano lessons for beginners.  While receiving lessons for a qualified piano teacher is extremely beneficial, those that are just starting out or cannot afford hourly lessons can turn to the Internet, software programs, and books to help them learn piano from the comfort of their own home.

There are several books and software out there that cater to the requirements of beginners, as well as provide in-depth lessons that are bound to influence your progress in a positive manner.   Below, we will list a few of the best ones available on the market today, and what they provide that may best help you learn how to play the piano.

1) Piano and Keyboard Method software: This software has several features that make it a must have. The software provides 300 lessons that are taught step-by-step and teach the true basics, which include rhythm, hand positioning and learning to play the black keys. This is followed by sight-reading, music notation and scales amongst other lessons. It also shows you the mistakes you make while providing insight into the progress you are making, which includes providing scores for the songs you practice. This software even features a built in recorder and dozens of high resolution videos. It also portrays an animated keyboard, which helps to correct any misplaced notes. At the low cost of around $35, this is excellent software for beginners.

2)  eMedia My Piano Starter Pack For Kids: As the name suggests, this pack is extremely suitable for children to learn the piano. Hence, if you also want your child to learn the instrument alongside you, then you should definitely give this pack a try. The pack includes an electronic keyboard that is sized for small fingers, a power supply cable and a cable to connect the keyboard with the computer. It contains a CD as well as a bonus video, not to mention other full-motion videos that are designed to make learning the piano a fun task. The pack even consists of over 100 lessons provided through software. At a price of just $98, this is definitely a worthy investment.

3)  Learn and Master Piano: Designed mainly for adults, this instruction tool aims to impart skills regarding playing the piano and the course has you immediately start learning the popular songs. The course consists of a lesson book, 5 play-along CDs and 10 DVDs that will teach you all you need to know about playing the piano. Furthermore, you can also access their support website where not only can you track your progress, you can ask any questions that you may have to instructors while chatting with fellow learners to increase the enjoyment of it all. It may be a bit expensive at $150, but it is definitely worth a shot.

4) Piano for Quitters DVD lessons: The main aim of this DVD is to reignite the passion of playing amongst those who have almost given up. It does this by teaching you to be confident in your skills and brings you on the fast-track to make music. At only $35, this is also definitely worth a try.

5)  Alfred Teach Yourself to Play: This pack contains a quality 61 key keyboard along with its necessary accessories such as the MIDI jacks, adapter, headphones and speaker. The piano itself contains an astounding 128 percussion and instrumental tones. This course also contains videos that feature a professional piano player, teaching software, audio CD and a 96-page book. This course has won several accolades and is considered one of the primary leaders in teaching music.


While you may not be able to necessarily find free piano lessons online, you can find great programs for affordable prices that can ultimately help you become a better piano player. Learning piano is of course challenging, but it all is a matter of getting quality, easy to understand instruction, and a mindset that you will succeed no matter the nagging criticism that creeps into your own mind.

All you need to do is select a piano that you feel is appropriate, purchase instructional software and finally, diligently and consistently practice what the software teaches. Before you know it, your fingers will be running over the piano keys at lightning speed while producing beautiful music.

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