Tutorful guides beginners, features Digital Piano Review Guide

In a brand new blog post by the website Tutorful, our very own Michael from Digital Piano Review Guide has been quoted in an article that helps piano beginners find everything they need to know to get started in this hobby.  The article, which outlines notable piano apps, websites, and videos, includes a handful of motivational quotes aimed at piano neophytes.

Michael, and by extension Digital Piano Review Guide, is featured in this article with the following quote:

It’s always important to understand that learning anything new is a long process, and it’s supposed to be challenging. A lot of people are too quick to quit things because they see the learning curve as being too great.

Instead, I think if a student can understand the long game–that success is incremental but no doubt achievable through hard work and repeated practice–then hopefully one can stay motivated. Make sure to always celebrate every small victory you have throughout the length of the learning process.

And don’t see your mistakes as failures. Instead, see your mistakes as an integral part of the process for long-term success.

You can read the entire Tutorful blog post here: How to Learn to Play the Piano: The Ultimate List for Beginners

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