‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ Street Pianos of Boston concludes October 14

If you’re dying to unleash your inner Arthur Rubinstein, Sergei Rachmaninov, or Stevie Wonder, time is running out.  That’s because the amazing Play Me, I’m Yours, Street Pianos of Boston Festival concludes on Monday, October 14.

And since many Bostonians will have the day off thanks to Monday being Columbus Day, there’s no excuse in not finding a piano in your local area, sitting down, and letting the world hear your best rendition of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin.”

By now, you’ve likely noticed painted pianos scattered all throughout the city of Boston.  Allowing any and everyone to sit down and play (or just hit the black and white keys in haphazard fashion, hoping to emit a tune that’s mildly harmonious), the festival winds down after an incredible 18 day stay in Beantown.

Play Me, I’m Yours was born as an arts project by artist Luke Jerram.   Having toured throughout the world since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours has installed over 1000 pianos in 37 cities across the globe.

Presented by the Celebrity Series of Boston,  Play Me, I’m Yours debuted in Massachusetts on September 27th.  Since then, 75 pianos have been set up in public areas in Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville and Boston.

Wide ranges of local artists and even community-based organizations have decorated the pianos in beautiful, eye-catching ways.  The piano located at the Visitors Center in Boston Commons, for example, was decorated by East Boston High School, while the piano fond in George Sherman Courtyard at Boston University was bejeweled by artist Ashley Teamer.

The makes each and every piano throughout Boston unique, as one may be bright pink, while another features painted superheroes on its side.

To find out if a piano is nearby your home or workplace, click here for a map and location of all 75 pianos scattered throughout Boston.

And remember, the Play Me, I’m Yours art project concludes Monday, October 14.

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