Pianist Jan Lisiecki brings music, joy to Syrian children

Polish-Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki is known for many incredible things.  Despite his young age, Lisiecki made his orchestral debut with the Calagary Civic Symphony at the tender age of 9, and his since gone on to perform as a soloist over fifty times with orchestras in Canada and throughout the globe.

Still not yet 20-years-old, Lisiecki was presented with the Young Artist of the Year Award of 2013 by Gramophone, in which Lisiecki was praised as having a “golden future ahead of him.”

Still, despite his success, what might be bigger than Lisiecki ‘s talent behind the piano is the size of the heart in his chest.

In 2012, Lisiecki was named the UNICEF Ambassador to Canada, and on March 15th, 2013, he published a video on his YouTube channel entitled “Conversations in Music.”

Here, Lisiecki joined forces with UNICEF and partner Beyond Association to entertain and delight displaced Syrian children who has witnessed and survived unspeakable violence.

In the video, Lisiecki is seen smiling, clapping, and engaging with children inside a tent at school.  Lisiecki also, according to ArtsJournal, performed on a MIDI keyboard that was stationed in the classroom.

We’d like to offer a genuine thank you to Mr. Lisiecki for paying it forward and using your musical gifts and status to bring joy to those that are less fortunate.

Below, check out Jan Lisiecki’s day with Syrian children at school:

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