NAMM Digital Pianos for 2014: Roland keeps rolling

NAMM digital piano 2014

NAMM 2014 is over, but now the fun begins.  The show brought certain NAMM digital pianos to the forefront for the New Year, and none were more impressive than those shown at the Roland booth.

For certain pianos, it was all about upgrading what was already quality musical instrument.  Take, for instance, the Roland RD800 stage piano, which of course replaces the RD700.

Roland’s RD Series has been quite popular with pianists across the globe, and the features for the RD700’s successor are particularly impressive.  From giving the player control over the sound with the onboard Piano Designer to SuperNATURAL engine that deliver an authentic acoustic piano sound for your money, the RD800 will be a great purchase.

Then there’s the Roland DP90e, this beautiful piano also comes with the SuperNATURAL engine, but has been enhanced thanks to the Dynamic Harmonic feature for fortissimo playing.

And if you have a iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to utilize Roland’s fantastic iOS apps to enhance you’re ability to learn while playing the piano.  While this isn’t necessarily a digital piano for beginners, if you see yourself as a piano player that can improve their abilities in a variety of different areas, the iOS apps will be quite effective.

The Roland DP90e is currently available for pre-order, and can be purchased at websites like KraftMusic.

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