NAMM 2015: Alesis CODA and CODA Pro to Debut in Spring

Alesis CODA Pro
The Alesis CODA Pro

Alesis is planning to release a couple of new 88-key digital pianos to their repertoire in the Alesis CODA and CODA Pro. Both will be portable or “slab” pianos.

The CODA and CODA Pro are great for anyone that needs a digital piano instrument with great portability. This makes these models ideal for students on the go, or perhaps musicians going to and from the studio or a particular gig.

The CODA and CODA Pro share a lot of similar features. Both have 20 built-in piano tones, 88 keys, and a Duet Mode with 50 accompaniment patterns, amongst other features. But where the CODA Pro differs significantly from the CODA is how it aims to replicate the feel of a real, acoustic piano.

In fact, the CODA Pro has, as Alesis puts it, Authentic Hammer-Action Weighted Keys. This means that the keys better replicate the feel of real wood keys triggering real hammers to hit real strings inside a real piano—thus better giving the user a more genuine playing experience and even building important muscle memory when it comes to the touch and feel of an acoustic piano. In short–should you ever graduate to an acoustic piano in the future, the CODA Pro will better prepare you for that transition than the CODA.

The new CODA Series will launch in the spring of 2015. The prices are currently as follows (although pricing can of course vary):

  1. CODA: $399.99
  2. CODA Pro: $499.99
  3. CODA Stand: $149.99

Winter NAMM 2015 may already be history, but Summer NAMM 2015 begins July 9-11 from Nashville, Tennessee.

Both models were on full display at the Winter NAMM 2015 in Anaheim, California.

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