‘Grand Piano’ Soundtrack by Victor Reyes Mini Review

Grand Piano original soundtrack by Victor Reyes

It’s the score that took home the award for Best Original Score for an Action/Adventure/Thriller film at the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA), and now, the “Grand Piano” soundtrack is available for purchase and download online.

The music, done by composer Victor Reyes, is easily the highlight of a movie that sort of seemed to get mixed reviews.  Starring Elijah Wood, probably best known for the “Lord of the Rings” movies, as well as his TV sitcom “Wilfred” on FX, “Grand Piano” is a film that you will walk away from remembering the music just as easily as the visuals on-screen.

The original soundtrack here only features five cues, but two eclipse the ten minute mark.  The unique thing about what Reyes has done here is two fold.  First, Reyes has written a brand new piano concerto for the film.  And second, his music has the task of not only being the film’s score, but Reyes’ piano concerto is actually performed on-screen in “Grand Piano,” too.

Here are the titles of the five cues that are available on the soundtrack:

  • Grand Piano Main Titles
  • Grand Piano Concerto: 1st Movement
  • Grand Piano Concerto: 2nd Movement
  • Grand Piano Concerto: 3rd Movement
  • La Cinquette

The First Movement in particular is one that begins quite beautifully.  Initially just a piano solo, this piece segues into a strong, vibrant suite for the full orchestra.  The Second Movement, by contrast, does have a bit more solo piano to enjoy.  But what’s great about what Reyes has done is his ability to shift from elegance to chaos.  From quiet beauty to a frenetic pace that features strong brass countermelodies.  It’s quite a joy to listen to, and no doubt a gem considering how little fanfare the movie itself received.

The “Grand Piano” original motion picture soundtrack can be had for less than $10.00 online and features about 32 minutes worth of music.

Below, listen to some of Victor Reyes’ Grand Piano Concerto: 1st Movement:

 Photo: Moviescore Media

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