Getting Started

Are you a brand new visitor to Digital Piano Review Guide but don’t know where to start?  Well, don’t worry–we’ve got you covered.

In fact, we’ve broken down our entire site for new visitors like you into the following categories:

1. Reviews of Digital Pianos:

Below, we have provided an interactive table below that includes a list of all of the digital pianos and keyboards we have reviewed thus far.  This list is consistently updated, so please be sure to return often to see which pianos get added to the list:

Akai Advance 49Akai Advance 49
Akai MPK249Akai MPK249
Akai MPK88
akai-mpk-mini-mkiiAkai MPK Mini MKII
Akai Timbre Wolf
Alesis-Cadenza-pianoAlesis Cadenza
Alesis CodaAlesis Coda
Alesis Recital
Alesis V49
Alesis VI49
Artesia PA-88W
Arturia KeyLab 49
arturia-keystepArturia KeyStep
Arturia MatrixBrute
arturia-microbruteArturia Microbrute
arturia-mini-labArturia MiniLab
Casio AP250Casio AP-250
Casio AP250Casio AP-270
Casio AP420Casio AP-420
Casio AP-460Casio AP-460
Casio AP-460Casio AP-470
Casio CDP-120
Casio CDP-130Casio CDP-130
Casio CDP-130Casio CDP-135
Casio CDP-220
Casio CDP-230Casio CDP-230
Casio CDP-240
Casio CTK-2300
Casio CTK 2400Casio CTK-2400
Casio CTK 4200Casio CTK-4200
Casio CTK-4400Casio CTK-4400
Casio-CGP-700Casio CGP-700
Casio LK-165
Casio LK-280Casio LK-280
Casio PX 130Casio PX-130
Casio PX150Casio PX-150
compare-2Casio PX-160 vs Casio PX-150
Casio PX-160Casio PX-160
compare-2Casio PX-160 vs Yamaha P-45
compare-2Casio PX-160 vs Yamaha P-115
Casio PX-350
Casio PX 360Casio PX-360
Casio PX 560Casio PX-560
Casio PX-750
Casio PX 760Casio PX-760
Casio PX-770
Casio PX780Casio PX-780
Casio PX-850
Casio-PX-860Casio PX-860
compare-2Casio PX-860 vs Casio PX-850
Casio PX-870
Casio PX5S
Casio SA-76
Casio WK-225
Casio WK-6500
Casio WK-6600
Casio WK-7500
Dave Smith Mopho x4
Dave Smith OB-6
Sequential Prophet-6Dave Smith Prophet 6
Hammond SK1-88
Hammond XK-3c
Hammond XK5
Huntington KB61
Kawai CE220
Kawai CN27
Kawai CN37
Kawai ES100
Kawai ES110
compare-2Kawai ES100 vs Yamaha P-115
Kawai KDP90
Kawai KDP-110
Kawai-ES-7Kawai ES7
Kawai ES8Kawai ES8
compare-2Kawai ES8 vs Roland FP90
Kawai MP7
Kawai MP11SE
Korg Arp OdysseyKorg ARP Odyssey
Korg B1Korg B1
Korg C1 Air
Korg D1
Korg G1 Air
Korg Grandstage
Korg Krome
Korg KronosKorg Kronos
compare-2Korg Kronos vs Yamaha Montage 8
Korg Kross
Korg LP-180
Korg LP-380
korg-microkorgKorg MicroKorg
Korg MinilogueKorg Minilogue
Korg Monologue
Korg Pa600
Korg Pa700
Korg SP170sKorg SP-170s
Korg SP250
Korg SP280
Korg SV1
KurzweilSP48Kurzweil SP4-8
Moog MiniMoog Model D
Moog Sub 37Moog Sub 37
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49
Nord Electro 5D
Nord HA-76
Nord HA-88
nord-lead-4-1Nord Lead 4
Nord Piano 3
Nord Piano 4
Novation Impulse 49Novation Impulse 49
Novation MiniNova
Novation UltraNova
ONE Light KeyboardONE Light Keyboard
ONE SMART PianoONE Smart Piano
Roland F-120
Roland F-130Roland F-130
Roland F-140
roland-fa-08Roland FA-08
Roland FP-30
Roland FP-50

Roland FP90
roland-gaia-sh-01Roland Gaia SH-01
roland-jd-xaRoland JD-XA
roland-jd-xiRoland JD-XI
roland-juno-ds61Roland JUNO DS61
roland-juno-ds88Roland JUNO DS88
Roland LX-17
Roland RD300NXRoland RD-300NX
Roland RD-800
Roland RD-2000
Roland RP-102
Roland System 8
Roland V-Combo VR-09
Suzuki mdg-200Suzuki MDG-200
Williams Allegro
Williams Allegro 2Williams Allegro 2
Williams LegatoWilliams Legato
Williams Overture
Williams Overture 2
Williams RhapsodyWilliams Rhapsody
Williams RhapsodyWilliams Rhapsody 2
Williams Symphony Grand
Yamaha CLP-440
Yamaha CLP 525Yamaha CLP-525
Yamaha CLP-535Yamaha CLP-535
Yamaha CLP-545Yamaha CLP-545
Yamaha CLP-635
Yamaha CP33
Yamaha CP4
Yamaha CP40
Yamaha DGX-530
Yamaha DGX-640
Yamaha DGX-650
Yamaha DGX 660Yamaha DGX-660
compare-2Yamaha DGX-660 vs Yamaha P-115
Yamaha MM8
Yamaha MODX
yamaha-montage8Yamaha Montage 8
yamaha-moxf8Yamaha MOXF8
yamaha-mx49Yamaha MX49
Yamaha NP 11Yamaha NP-11
Yamaha NP 12Yamaha NP-12
Yamaha NP-31
Yamaha NP 32Yamaha NP-32
Yamaha NP-V60
Yamaha NP-V80
Yamaha P-35
Yamaha P45Yamaha P-45
Yamaha P-71
compare-2Yamaha P-45 vs Yamaha P-115
Yamaha-P105Yamaha P-105
Yamaha P115Yamaha P-115
compare-2Yamaha P-115 vs Yamaha P-255
Yamaha P-121
Yamaha P-125
compare-2Yamaha P-125 vs Yamaha P-45
Yamaha P-155
Yamaha P-255
Yamaha P-515
Yamaha PSR-E253Yamaha PSR-E253
Yamaha PSR-E353Yamaha PSR-E353
Yamaha-PSRE443Yamaha PSR-E443
Yamaha PSR-E453Yamaha PSR-E453
yamaha-s70xsYamaha S70XS
Yamaha PSR-S750
Yamaha PSR S770Yamaha PSR-S770
Yamaha PSR S970Yamaha PSR-S970
Yamaha YDP-103
Yamaha YDP-141
Yamaha YDP-142
Yamaha YDP-143
compare-2Yamaha YDP-143 vs Yamaha YDP-163
Yamaha YDP-144
Yamaha YDP-162
compare-2Yamaha YDP-162 vs Yamaha YDP V240
Yamaha 163Yamaha YDP-163
Yamaha YDP-164
Yamaha YDP-181
Yamaha YDP-184
Yamaha YDP-S51Yamaha YDP-S51
Yamaha YDP-S51Yamaha YDP-S52
Yamaha YDP-V240
Yamaha YPG-235
Yamaha YPG-535
Yamaha YPT-230
Yamaha YPT-240Yamaha YPT-240
Yamaha ypt-340Yamaha YPT-340

2. Buying Based on Price:

Are you someone that’s interested in a new digital piano but don’t want to outspend your budget?  If so, take a moment to read a few of our articles below:

3. Buying a Digital Piano Based on Skill Level:

Looking to buy a digital piano based specifically on your piano playing skill level?  If so, take a look at the following articles below:

4. Buying a Digital Piano Based on Brand:

Want a new digital piano by Yamaha?  Or Casio?  Or Roland?  Below, take a look at the following brand-specific digital piano articles:

5. How to Learn to the Play Piano:

Okay, so you feel like you have the piano you want, but now you need a little help learning how to play it?  No problem–just read our articles for help:

6. What Accessories Do I Need?:

So you’re about to (or just did) buy a digital piano, but now need to know what accessories to buy?   If so, check out our articles below for detailed help:

7. MIDI Keyboards and Synthesizers:

Interested in acquiring a new MIDI keyboard or synthesizer?  Want to read some quality reviews and analysis?  Well, if so, we’ve got all your bases covered in the articles below: