Father’s Day Digital Piano and Keyboard Discounts

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and the great thing about that (well, outside of dear old day getting some much deserved love and recognition) are all of the excellent sales and discounts that tend to pop up online.

If you’re looking for a great digital piano or keyboard, or maybe even a MIDI controller, then Amazon.com is likely your best bet to find a great deal on Father’s Day.

In fact, Amazon is already beginning their Father’s Day Sale well before Sunday, and they actually have some pretty great pianos on sale.

Amazon has this particular piano spotlighted in their keyboard sale section on their Father’s Day page.  This is a great piano (check out our review of the DGX-650 here) and can be had this week for less than $800.  It features 128-note polyphony, an AUX input, and internal speakers.  It also has a really cool “You Are the Artist” feature, which has play-along songs by Hal Leonard that help you master pieces by Adele, Taylor Swift and more.

Featuring Advanced Wave Memory sampling technology, this is a piano that’s a best seller on Amazon and has GHS weighted hammer action.  GHS is usually great for beginners on the piano, and teachers tend to like and even recommend because it helps build proper technique in their students.  In my opinion, I think this particular piano is a great choice if you’re someone who is either new to piano playing in general, or maybe you dabbled in it when you were younger but didn’t stick with it and need a “refresher course,” of sorts.  Be sure to read our review of the Yamaha P35, as well.

This is a good controller for all major music software, and will provide you with direct control of your mixer, transport, and much more in Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools and more.  This baby comes with 8 rotary knobs, 9 faders and 9 buttons.  You also get a Launchpad iPad app, where you can make beats and endless loops.   If you produce a lot of music, you might find this relatively inexpensive keyboard controller a smart buy.

Sampson Graphite 25

Sampson Graphite 25 USB MIDI Controller

An extremely well rated MIDI controller, this Sampson product is not only small and sleek, but at 5.3 pounds, it’s extremely light-weight and easily transportable. With this MIDI controller, you get a 25-key semi-weighted keyboard that comes with a MIDI out, USB, and sustain pedal connections as well.  A very large LCD screen will provide you with all the feedback information you need, and features like a programmable fader and 8 encoders and four function buttons will give you total command over your DAW and virtual instruments. If you’re deciding between something like this Sampson Graphite USB MIDI Controller, and the Audio Axiom 49-key MIDI controller, you might end up liking the more solid, springy feeling of the keys on the Sampson.  As always, the feel of keys is subjective and everyone has their own opinion.

Father’s Day Sale: Comparison Shopping

Here, we’ve created a table for you that compare the instruments that are on sale this Father’s Day week.  You’ll be able to compare these instruments in a variety of different categories like weight, price, number of keys, and customer ratings.

$ = $500 or less | $$ = $500 – $1,000

Yamaha P-12588$$GHS Weighted Action
Casio PX-160Casio PX-16088$Dual Headphone Outputs on Front
Alesis Recital88$Semi-Weighted Keys
Casio PX-S100088$$18 Sounds, Bluetooth Capability
Casio PX-S300088$$$700 Sounds, 200 Rhythms
Donner DEP-2088$$Fully-Weighted Keys
Casio WK 6600Casio WK660076$700 Tones
Yamaha P45Yamaha P-4588$64 Note Polyphony
Yamaha P-51588$$$Natural Wood X Key Action

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