Casio PX-160 announced, replaces the Privia PX-150

Casio PX-160

After recently releasing the PX-760 and PX-860, Casio continues to innovate within their Privia lineup by announcing the brand new PX-160. The PX-160, which will come with a couple new features, will replace the very popular PX-150.

Announced in a summer press release, the PX-160 will provide players with newly developed string ensemble and electric piano tones that come straight out of the Casio PX-5S, a very popular and robust digital stage piano. The PX-160 will utilize Casio’s AiR technology, as well as the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard.

While a lot of the features and specs from the PX-150 have been carried over to the PX-160, Casio says that the 160 now includes a redesigned dual 8W speaker system. Open in the front and ported in the back, the speaker system features quality sound that will be projected towards the listening audience.

As for connectivity, the PX-160 will now feature left and right 1/4″ audio inputs, which is of course great if you’re someone that wants to connect an additional device for recording purposes, or just set up external amplification.

The PX-160 is available around the country (or soon will be) and has a MSRP of $499.99.

For more on what this new piano has to offer, please be sure to visit Casio’s official page devoted to this instrument.

And lastly, please take a quick look below to see some of the best selling digital pianos currently available for sale online (hint, the PX-160 is one of them):

1) Yamaha P-515
2) Casio PX-S3100
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