Casio CGP-700 mini-review: Color display, six speakers

Casio has recently released new piano, the Casio CGP-700 (CGP stands for “Compact Grand Piano”) to help celebrate National Family Fun Month. Research has shown that when families get together to listen or make music together, they form an even tighter bond amongst one another thanks to the connective tissue of music. And with the release of the CGP-700, Casio hopes that family-bonding experience can be taken to even newer heights.

Below, take a look at some of the specs of the Casio CGP-700, and see how they compare to other popular pianos:

Yamaha YDP-145

Yamaha YDP-165
Casio PX-870
Casio AP-460Casio AP-470
Yamaha YDP-184

What’s New with the CGP-700?

Probably the most exciting new feature of the CGP-700 is its touch screen interface, which is in now available in vivid color. The display is approximately 5.3 inches and features 168,960 pixels. The screen will allow users to easily change tones, as well as select splits, layers and rhythms.

Breaking Down the Sound

But truthfully, what good is a beautiful touch screen if the sound is mediocre? As expected, Casio has placed an emphasis on sound here by injecting the CGP-700 with four speakers located at the top of the instrument. These speakers provide users with an enveloping stereo sound.


But wait, there’s more.

Casio has also decided to implement two speakers into the actual stand that holds the CGP-700. These speakers, which are built inside the horizontal bar of the stand that projects out towards your legs–will handle all of the lower frequencies that are in your music. This now allows you to really feel the music if your pieces feature strong bass (these two speakers will especially come in handy when you begin using the CGP-700’s thumping drum samples).

Overall, this 88-key digital piano has 550 in-built tones (strings, organs, guitars, etc), 200 new rhythms, two headphone jacks (one for you and perhaps one for a partner or teacher/student), recording and playback via USB, 40 watts of total amplification, optional SP-33 pedal system, and much more.

The Casio CGP-700 is currently available on Amazon. And below, please take a look at an excellent video review of the CGP-700 (uploaded by user KMNKeyboardVault) to see what Casio’s latest piano has to offer you:

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