Casio Celviano AP-260, AP-460 displayed at NAMM 2015

Casio AP-460
The brand new Casio AP-460

Inside the Anaheim Convention Center at the Winter NAMM 2015, Casio showed off two new upright digital pianos models that will join its celebrated Celviano lineup.

Available at select music dealers all across the country, the AP-260 and AP-460 will come with built-in new features. One such feature is Concert Play, which allows a player to play along to ten classical music pieces.

These two new Celviano models also come equipped with a new digital effects system entitled Hall Simulator. This is quite interesting, as the simulator attempts to replicate the unique acoustic characteristics of a variety of well-known locations and environments. This simulator will come with presets that include the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, the French Cathedral in Berlin, and much more.

The Celviano lineup already includes such models such as the AP-250, the AP-450, and the AP-460 (which features 250 tones).

Both the AP-260 and AP-460 will be available in black and brown. The AP-260 has a MSRP of $1,499.99, which the AP-460 has a MSRP of $1,899.99.

NAMM 2015 introcued a whole host of new instruments in music from January 22nd to January 25th. Future NAMM shows will be July 9 – 11 in Tennessee in 2015, while NAMM 2016 will be right back in Anaheim come next January.

Casio also announced that the Casio PX-760 and PX-860 will be joining the company’s Privia lineup. The Privia lineup is a unique one, as it features a mix of instruments that can satisfy anyone’s need for the perfect piano in the home, on the stage, or inside the music studio.

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