Are Yamaha P-125 Bundles Worth the Money?

Yamaha has made some great keyboard instruments and the P series digital pianos are no exception.  And when it comes to the P-series of pianos, the Yamaha P-125 is arguably the most popular and sought after.

But just because you buy a digital piano doesn’t mean you’re necessarily all set.  After all, what if you also need a stand for your P-125?  What if you’d also like a padded bench to sit on, or a set of pedals?

Well, in this article, I’m going to discuss Yamaha P-125 bundles in order to help you understand what is available on the market.  On top of that, we’ll discuss whether or not it makes sense for you to buy the Yamaha P-125 as part of a bundle, or if it’s a better idea to buy the digital piano and related accessories separately.

And below, to better help you determine what digital piano is right for you, we’ve created an interactive table that allows you to directly compare the Yamaha P-125 against other popular digital pianos.

Casio PX-S1100
Alesis Prestige Artist
Casio CDP-S360
Yamaha P-515
Casio PX-870
Korg LP-180
Casio PX-770

Yamaha P-125 Bundles–Let’s Talk Sound

Let’s first quickly discuss the sound of the P-125. Sound samples on the Yamaha P-125 were noticeably more realistic than its predecessor.  This is true especially for organ sounds. 

Most keyboard players that play modern music think of a Hammond B3 when they think organ sounds.  This was a popular organ model offered by the Hammond Organ Company made famous in the sixties by many emerging and well known acts of the time.  When playing rock music some of the nuances of the organ sound are less of a concern. 

When the organ is featured with complex chords and a lot of notes played at the same time, a realistic sound is a must.  The Yamaha P-125 shines above the Yamaha P-115 (the predecessor of the P-125) in its ability to produce these realistic sounds. 

I noticed when playing some jazz on the Yamaha P-125, the organ sounds had a nice vibrato.  The lead lines really sang with the upper vibrato.  It did not sound cheesy or fake—the Yamaha P-125 felt like the real thing (at least to the extent that a piano that costs around $600 can).  The Yamaha P-125 speaker system is certainly a bit more robust and advanced, which I mentioned before in my previous Yamaha P-125 review.

Below, please take a moment to view some of the best-selling digital piano currently available online:

1) Yamaha P-515
2) Casio PX-S3100
3) Casio PX-870
4) Roland FP-E50
5) Roland FP-30X


The P-125 features a new two way speaker system that creates both upwards and downwards sound, which really did a fine job of making the music sound a bit richer than the P-115.  When playing the Yamaha P-115, by contrast, I felt as if it was only producing sound upwards with no outward projection. 

The Yamaha P-125 offers more sound samples plus more drum beats.  The P-125 also has 21 voices, while the Yamaha P-115 has 14.  If you desire more rhythmic variety, then the Yamaha P-125 is definitely the one to go with. 

What is also great about both of these keyboards is that they offer the functionality to split and layer.  Split allows for part of the keyboard to be designated to one sound and the other part another.  Layer allows for two or more sounds to be played simultaneously. 

The Controls of the P-125

I really like the layout of controls on the Yamaha P-125.  The P-125 has single buttons for around 7 different sounds with three variations.  The variation selector is changed by a single button push, and has three red LEDs that indicate which one is selected. 

Are Keyboard Bundles Worth it?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.  Certain products are practically a necessity when buying a keyboard.  For example, you’re going to need a bench to sit on when playing the piano—unless you already own one or prefer to use a chair that’s already in your home.  You also will likely want a stand to put your P-125 onto—unless you already own one or perhaps plan to place the piano onto a table.

Getting the P-125 in a bundle might be a great idea due to cost.  In some situations, if you can find the right deal, you can get the piano itself, along with a handful of different accessories, for very close to the same price you would’ve paid to just acquire the P-125 solo.

Lots of locations sell bundles, so just make sure you shop around.  From Kraft Music to Guitar Center to Amazon, you can usually find the Yamaha P-125 bundles with a stand or padded bench (or sometimes both), along with pedals.  A website like Kraft Music, for example, has a handful of different bundles for the P-125. 

One bundle includes a double braced X style stand, a bench that is an onstage KT320 model, Audio Technica dynamic stereo headphones, and DIY keyboard book.  The price of this bundle is about $599.99, but it’s always important to remember that prices are always subject to change.

But as you can see, this is a particularly impressive bundle, because on the same website, the P-125 can be bought by itself for about $599.  So, if you don’t already own things like a stand or bench or headphones, and you feel you need them, this would be an extremely great value.

But Kraft Music isn’t the only place where you can find great Yamaha P-125 deals.  If you ever pop onto Amazon, you’ll notice very competitively priced bundles.  Offered via Austin Bazaar but sold on Amazon (at least at the time of publishing this article), people interested in the P-125 could find a bundle that sold the piano itself, a dust cover for the piano, a padded bench, an X stand, sustain pedal, instructional DVD, instructional book, a polishing cloth, and two free months worth of live online lessons.

All for less than $700.  That’s a fantastic deal.

Another bundle on Amazon offers the piano with a Knox Gear adjustable stand and an adjustable bench, as well.  On top of that, you also get sustain pedal as well.

So, as you can see, the great thing about Yamaha P-125 bundles is that they provide you with many different options.  You might be someone that’s looking for the P-125, a sustain pedal, and a bench, while someone else wants the P-125, headphones, and an X-stand.  In a scenario like this, two people looking for the same piano and similar accessories can walk away very happy.

Things to Consider

Go with a well-known retailer when purchasing a bundle. It is the best way to go about purchasing one.  Ideally, try and read the customer reviews and see if people were happy with all of the accessories that came inside the bundle.

One thing to consider that is not often offered in bundles is an amplifier.  If one plans to use a keyboard on stage, then an amp will allow for better projection.  An amp can also serve as a monitor with XLR outputs that will run the sound to the PA.  I recommend Roland specifically because they also design digital pianos.  They know exactly what kind of sound should be in mind when connected with a keyboard. 

Consider home use versus stage use.  If the keyboard is planned to be used on stage then consider a bundle that corresponds.  On a stage one needs a good stand, a bench to sit on, and a single pedal.  At home, we want more accessories that transform the digital piano more into a home acoustic piano.  So a stand, three pedals, a comfortable bench, and maybe a subwoofer.  The subwoofer is a great accessory because it allows for the full sound engine to run through something that will output the bass which is tonally requested by the keyboard’s sound engine.  It will add both depth and bass to the sound.

If you live with other people that don’t exactly share you same zeal for piano playing, consider a  bundle that features a pair of headphones, as well.

In all, I would strongly recommend you consider a bundle that features the following:

-A Yamaha P-125

-A bench

-A stand


-Some sort of instructional book, if you’re learning how to play the piano.

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