9-year-old piano genius blows away ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges (Video)

Standing in front of a Yamaha digital piano keyboard, nine-year-old prodigy Adrian Romoff not only made his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia proud, but was one of the most impressive contestants on “America’s Got Talent” this week.

On Tuesday night, Adrian stood in front of the likes of Howie Mandel and Howard Stern and performed like a 50-year-old pro.  Despite being such a young pianist, Romoff not only played the piano well, but played with so much vigor and passion that it was clearly a surreal experience for the judges to witness.

Despite his short performance, Adrian left a lasting impression.  Howie Mandel held his head in his hands in shock during Romoff’s entire first minute on stage.  In fact, Adrian was so impressive that Stern said he wasn’t quite sure “what to make of it” because Romoff’s performance was so great—yet so fast and chaotic—that it was almost sensory overload.

That’s when Adrian stated that he would “love to play” another song, and the judges accepted his request.

At this point, Romoff performed a much softer, quieter piece—and it’s beautiful simplicity was even better than his first performance.

“For a kid your age to play so well … really good job,” said Stern afterwards.

Standing out of his chair, Mandel was effusive in his praise.

“You are absolutely brilliant.  You live that music.  I see it coming out of your body.  You are so far beyond your years!”

  • Unfortunately, this video is no longer available.

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