What Are the Best Digital Pianos Under $1,000?

Selecting the best digital piano that’s under the $1,000 price point is difficult, because there are so many quality pianos out there on the market.  But another big factor, and much more important in this detailed breakdown, is that there’s a different piano for different people.  What a beginner finds to be a quality digital piano, a more advanced player would feel is too limiting or simplistic.  Despite this fact, our in-depth overview will help narrow down your choices to not just the most reasonably priced pianos that are on the market today, but which ones truly are better and stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Experience the Best Digital Piano Under $1000

Casio PX850

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Digital pianos offer piano players of all ages the ability to have a real piano experience in whatsoever environment they desire, at an agreeable price. Digital pianos were first conceptualized and built in the late 1970’s and began to gain prominence in musical circles throughout the 1980’s. With the emergence of musical stars of all kinds came the emergence of pianos that opened up new worlds of performance and musical production. Today musicians are enjoying the product of decades of engineering and precision, all which can be found in some of today’s best electronic pianos.

A Great Digital Piano

There are many things that make a digital piano great. Anything from the design of the piano to its range of selection, to its affordability can catch the attention of a consumer. Those that do well on the market tend to have a viable combination of many of these characteristics. The best will set itself above all others by defining class and precision with the greatest selection of sound powered by the equally greatest technology. However, each piano player reserves the right to determine his own opinion about which digital pianos are really the best. A general consensus can be determined from the popularity and sales success of different models.

A quality digital piano will have a number of important features. Most piano players look for weighted keys and precisely engineered hammer action technology. This keybed design allows the piano to be graded, weighted, and strike almost exactly in the same manner as the keys on a real acoustic piano. The best digital piano will also feature state of the art wave sampling and audio generation technology, producing the most quality instrument sounds. Sleek designs and portability features also play and important role, as well as electronic connectivity ability and features such as a digital piano stand or foot pedal. Of course, the price many times is the deciding factor, with the best pianos giving the consumer the most value for their hard earned money.

Piano Buying Guide

Below, please compare and contrast the best rated pianos under $1,000 based on things like weight, price, and even customer reviews from Amazon.com.

$ = $500 or less | $$ = $500 – $1,000 | $$$ = $1,000 and up

PhotoModel# of KeysWeightPriceRating
Yamaha P115Yamaha P-1158826 lbs.$$3.3/5
Casio-PX-860Casio PX-8608878.26 lbs.$$$4.7/5
Yamaha P45Yamaha P-458825 lbs.$5.0/5
Yamaha DGX6508884 lbs.$$4.6/5
Kawai ES1008833 lbs.$$4.7/5

Best Selling Pianos on the Market


There are many pianos out in the music market today that could vie for the top honor and recognition of being the best. As stated before, ultimately, the decision concerning what makes up the best digital piano will ultimately rest in the mind of the consumer. Nevertheless, here are five pianos under the $1,000 price point that are currently selling the best on Amazon:

  1. Yamaha P-45 piano
  2. Casio PX-150 piano
  3. Yamaha P-115 piano

The Privia PX-850 is the top of Casio’s Privia line, and combines Casio’s AiR sound source technology along with a 4-position lid simulation that mimics the opening of a real piano lid. The piano is built with a Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keybed and finishes it off with ebony and ivory textured keys to give it a real feel.

The Yamaha P-105 is one of the bestselling digital pianos on the market today, and it is because of the combination of size, compatibility, engineering, and design. It has full-length set of 88 weighted Graded Hammer Standard keys, with a whopping 128-note polyphony weighing in at only 25 pounds. Little details like two headphone jacks, USB and auxiliary ports are just the icing on the cake.

The Casio Celviano AP-420 showcases the power of an upright piano’s presence, while bringing the necessary features of a digital piano. With 88 Scaled Weighted Hammer action keys and 128 notes of polyphony, it will make the consumer feel as if he’s sitting behind a real acoustic piano.

Beginner vs. Advanced

Throughout the world of digital pianos there is a great range in variety concerning the expertise level of each digital piano. The variety found throughout ensures that no consumer should feel out of place using a machine he or she feels is too advanced or possibly not advanced enough. Beginner and entry level piano players can find digital pianos for affordable and bargain prices, and still be able to find enough quality and precision to match a real acoustic piano. Intermediate level players have a number of options, with many digital pianos offering a combination of features that aren’t too complicated and are also affordable. Expert and advanced level players will gravitate towards pianos with all the accommodations from the best technology, widest range of selection, and most fashionable design.

Some of the best beginner digital pianos can be found in each prominent brand. Korg features the SP-170s, which has everything a piano player will need, with a full 88-weighted keyboard, hammer action technology and 120 notes of polyphony. Casio has a similar beginner model with the CDP-120, which also has scaled hammer action technology, full length of 88 keys, but only a maximum polyphony of 48 notes. Other prominent beginner selections include the Williams Allegro, Yamaha NP-11, and the Alesis Cadenza. These pianos usually range anywhere from $200-$400.

Intermediate digital pianos come with a much wider range of firepower. These pianos go beyond the elementary limitations and allow the piano player to record, compose, and enjoy a higher level of digital expertise. One of these pianos is Yamaha’s bestselling P-105 (which has since been replaced by the Yamaha P-115), which is known for its combination of portability and style, all while encompassing 88 keys and Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard System. A number of Casio’s Privia digital pianos fall in this category as well, with the PX-130, PX-150 (and the recently released PX-160), and PX-350 all showcasing Casio’s Scaled Hammer Action System along with its Damper Resonance and AiR sound source. You can find most of these pianos for $400-$800.

Many of the advanced digital pianos are stage pianos, workstations, or upright console pianos. These pianos offer everything the designers have to offer, from sound systems, highest level hammer action, design, and quality. The Yamaha Motif XF8, one of the most coveted pieces of machinery on the market, is certainly one of these. Other models in this category are the Yamaha P-155, Casio Privia PX-850, and other pianos in the Celviano, Clavinova, Arius, and MODUS lines. Any of these pianos can run you from $800 to upwards of $5,000.

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  8. Kawai ES-100 review

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